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09.28.09: Submissions for the 2010 IGF Mobile competition are officially open! Prospective entrants can visit our submissions page and read the official press release for more information on this year's event, which is the third year for IGF Mobile.

Finger Gaming



IGF 2009 Mobile Competition Entrant

Ruben and Lullaby [iPhone/iPod Touch]

Company: Song New Creative (Valencia, CA United States)

Game Website:

"Ruben & Lullaby" is a story you play like a musical instrument.

Two lovers are fighting. You can control what they're feeling, where they're looking, when they speak, and when they listen. Your actions conduct a moody jazz soundtrack that reflects the feelings of the characters as they change in real time.

Motion and gesture controls allow you to shape the emotional peaks and valleys of the fight--shake the iPhone to make a character angry; caress the screen to calm them down. The characters will respond to each otherís emotions according to their temperaments, and every action has a reaction.

Try to get Ruben and Lullaby to make up, break up, or simply enjoy the beautiful music you can make out of their circumstances.

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