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06.28.10: As announced (and elaborated on) via the Independent Games Festival site, all mobile games have now been made part of the main festival! Thanks to all entrants, finalists, and winners of the prior Independent Games Festival Mobile competitions!



2009 IGF Mobile

Kotaku: Popular gaming weblog Kotaku revealed the news that Apple featured IGF Mobile winners and finalists prominently on its digital App Store, boosting exposure for the indie games.

Offworld: Boing Boing's Offworld blog also scanned through entries for the competition, highlighting games including Zen Bound, Wardrive, and Rhythm of War.

Ars Technica: Tech and gaming site Ars Technica said iPhone games "cleaned up" at the 2009 IGF Mobile competition: "...Judging by the fact that an iPhone game won in almost every category, the iPhone seems to be establishing itself as a mobile gaming platform to be reckoned with."

Macworld: Apple-centric site Macworld revealed IGF Mobile 2009's winners, which included Fieldrunners, Zen Bound, Galcon, Firemint Real Racing, and Reflection. "A few years ago, the mobile gaming community was too small to warrant much press, let alone an entire awards show," Macworld wrote. The website also noted how the App Store highlighted IGF Mobile games.

2008 IGF Mobile

Gamasutra: Gamasutra hosted numerous interviews with IGF Mobile entrants in its "Road to IGF Mobile" series, including: Gamevil's Nom 3, KnowledgeWhere's PhoneTag Elite, Punch Entertainment's Ego, Capybara Games' Critter Crunch, Concrete Software's 3D Lawn Darts, Mikoishi's Steam Iron: The Fallen, Jan Ulrich Schmidt's Anna's Secret, Dingoo Games' Hell Striker, and Singapore-MIT GAMBIT's Backflow.

1UP: Consumer website 1UP covered the winners and some finalists of the inaugural IGF Mobile: "Set to be launched in Korea later this year, where online-enabled mobile games are much more common, Steam Iron took away the award for Best Technical Achievement, beating out two impressive-looking 3D mobile titles, Kodo and Hell Striker." Punch Entertainment's CEO and creative director join a podcast to talk about IGF Mobile 2008 and their entry, EGO, which one the "Innovation In Mobile Game Design": "It's interesting -- as we were developing EGO ... the end result was much more ambitious than how [we intended it to be when] we started."

Note To Members Of The Media

Those eligible to register as press or analyst may receive a pass that grants access to the GDC for the purpose of covering the Independent Games Festival Mobile.

Please note that you must be working editorial press or analyst covering the interactive entertainment industry. Sales, advertising, public relations and marketing personnel are not eligible to register as press or analysts.

All registered press and analysts must show a picture I.D. and supply at least two of the following credentials:

For Press:

A business card or a copy of a masthead that includes name, editorial title (staff writer, editor, etc.) and the publication's logo.
Two bylined articles pertaining to game development and/or the interactive entertainment business written by the journalist in the last six months OR a game industry publication's masthead with journalist's name as a staff writer.
A letter from the journalist's editor, on the media outlet's stationery, stating that they are assigned to cover IGF Mobile.

For Analysts:

A business card that includes name and title
Byline report pertaining to game development and/or the interactive entertainment business written by the analyst in the last year
A letter from the analyst's director, on the analyst's company's stationery, stating that they are assigned to cover IGF Mobile.

Individuals who do not meet the above criteria will need to register as a paid conference attendee to gain admittance to GDC -- no exceptions.

For further information, please contact:

Mellisa Andrade
Marketing Coordinator
Think Services Game Group
[email protected]




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