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09.28.09: Submissions for the 2010 IGF Mobile competition are officially open! Prospective entrants can visit our submissions page and read the official press release for more information on this year's event, which is the third year for IGF Mobile.

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IGF 2010 Mobile Competition Entrant

SCVNGR [iPhone/iPod Touch]

Company: SCVNGR (Boston, MA United States)

Game Website:

SCVNGR is a new type of location-based mobile game that blends digital interactivity with real-world interactions.

The SCVNGR platform (a browser-based toolkit for geo-game development) enables individuals and institutions to create sophisticated multimedia real-world games. These games can then be played from any mobile device, via the free SCVNGR iPhone and Android Apps, a mobile web app compatible with most mobile browsers or even a scaled back version of each game via SMS. The SCVNGR game-dynamics engine scales each game up and down to make use of the features of advanced phones (audio, video, maps, AR, GPS etc..) without excluding more primitive mobile devices.

SCVNGR games can take the form of interactive tours, high-tech scavenger hunts, or even alternate reality games that make use of the augmented reality features of the iPhone and Android camera overlays, inserting fictional images and text overlaid into real-world locations.

Development, management and deployment of these games is quick, easy and intuitive through the SCVNGR platform. SCVNGR games have been launched and deployed by over 500 institutions in 44 states and 3 countries including Harvard, Princeton, MIT, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston City Hall, SIGGRAPH, HSBC, the Texas Maritime Museum and at hundreds more locations around the world. To date, these games have been played by hundreds of thousands of people, both individually and in teams.

If you seen any information about SCVNGR that needs to be corrected or updated, contact the IGF Chairman.





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