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09.28.09: Submissions for the 2010 IGF Mobile competition are officially open! Prospective entrants can visit our submissions page and read the official press release for more information on this year's event, which is the third year for IGF Mobile.

Finger Gaming



IGF 2009 Mobile Competition Entrant

Football Tycoon [J2ME]

Company: Dynamo Games Ltd (Dundee, Tayside United Kingdom)

Game Website:

Having made your fortune in the cut-throat world of business, you have now decided to get involved in the latest dream for wealthy people everywhere - running your own football club. Hire the managers, sign the big names, control the finances, develop your stadium and orchestrate the media campaigns as your footballing empire grows.

But what's your goal? Give something back to the community? See your sleeping giant of a club rise through the divisions under your control to the dizzy heights of the Premiership and elite European competitions? Or watch your bank balance grow as you take advantage of the huge sums of money flowing into the modern game?

All of these options are open to you as a Football Tycoon. Today there is a lot more focus on club owners, with the teams owners generating as many headlines as the players on the pitch. Football Tycoon has a unique spin on the standard football game genre, throwing you into the surreal world that is owning a football club.

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